Entering the simple facts

Being an adult is tricky. The feeling of being free of all the childhood restrictions. You finally have a power to embrace yourself and become who you always wanted.

Easy, right? Not so much.

The tricky part of being an adult is to understand what it means and find your own way to stay true to yourself. Understand that no matter how old you are the restrictions will always appear. 

Remeber the Peter Pan? Sure you do. This novel written by J.M.Barrie is about a never growing up boy. 

Your life is not about a schemes that will be thrown at you. It is not about somebody elses dreams and wishes. And finally it isn’t about hidding in a pose or a role. 

The society wants you to believe that all that matters is to be one of many. Stay in line, don’t rush, don’t want more then a society give you.

That’s a bullshit. A lie. A fake hideout. A mask. It’s a fear.

You only have one life to live in. Try to stand your ground. Fight for the right to be true to yourself. 

In every little step you make there’s a difference. The rules are to obey – sure they are – but not to smack you in the face and cut your wings. People who stayed put didn’t achived any goals. The world is open to those who are brave enough to step further then others. 

Today is a good day to start all over. With a simple cup of tea or with a smile. You don’t need to start a revolution. You just need to listen to your heart. 

“In the sea of citrons – became a lime!”

Ideas are like the water

5 thoughts on “First things first

      1. To tym bardziej należą Ci się podziękowania za to. Cieszę się, że potrafisz obie ze sobą pogodzić i że jesteś synem dwóch kultur!
        Pozdrawiam bardzo serdecznie!


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