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I wrote about my Top 10 books here so now it’s time to write down my Top 10 movie list (in a random order):

1. The Mission by Roland Joffé. 

It’s a story of a XVIII century Jesuits protecting South American Natives. It’s sad but beautiful picture about human nature. If you like Robert De Niro and/or Jeremy Irons you have to see it. Oryginal soundtrack was composed by Ennio Morricone. A must-see.

2. The Mist by Frank Darabont.

This is a classic Stephen King adaptation which is not super good picture. But I love it because it’s ending that is more than a stunning one.

3. Casablanca by Michael Curtiz.

It’s one of the best movies of all times. No need to say more about it. A must-must-see.

4. Blade Runner by Ridley Scott. 

This movie is a mile stone for a cyberpunk genre. A great visualisation of a great story by Philip K. Dick.

5. Forbidden Planet by Fred M. Wilcox.

A sad story about human nature placed in a sci-fi genre. Not a high-end movie but… everything is great about it.

A movie is like a road

6. Fight Club by David Fincher.

A story about revolution, about everyday survival in a world that is not normal. Great!

7. Das Boot by Wolfgang Petersen.

World War II in a submarine. The original and true story about horrifying life of the crew. 6 hours of beautiful picture.

8. The Hunter by Daniel Nettheim.

I cried. Love it.

9. District 9 by Neill Blomkamp.

A story about us as a people. Our nature and our souls. It’s not a sci-fi.

10. Children of Man by Alfonso Cuarón.

Pre-post-apocalyptic vision of our present/future world. This is one of the most underrated movies. Must see!

Of course there are many more – all Star Trek (original series and new), Star Wars, Godfather… but these 10 made me think about me as a human. 

Sometimes a street art can be inspiring

What are your favourite movies?


8 thoughts on “Top 10 movies

      1. Yes! Totally agree with that 😉 Those movies are great pointers to a human society afraid of everything.
        The Matrix, Butterfly Effect and Interstellar… give it a shot if you haven’t already 😎

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  1. I think Children of Men is a great film. Personally, I think the film has a great theistic message about the sanctity and dignity of human life. Also, the film has much to say about the the future of our civilization and what kind of earth we want to inhabit. I recently made a Top film post and placed it as an honorable mention. Awesome post. I look forward to reading more.

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    1. Thank You very much for those kind words. I absolutley agree with you about Children of Men. One of the most underrated movies in public and also absolutely beautiful. It’s sad that after watching it todays world and it’s future is far from being optimistic.

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