Painted M3 Grant “Desert Rats” from Flames of War

I don’t have a lot of time for all my hobbies. As a matter a fact I’m not a very organized person. I have a lot of things I would like to do but I can’t manage my free time very well. Many of you know this problem, right (I hope so)?

Army book is one of the addons you need.

I always liked the idea of a Role Playing Games. I remember that the first time I’ve ever played in rpg was in my very youth – I was about 13 years old. And since then my love for this kind of time spending hobby never died. 

While at University I meet up with a bunch of a great people that had the same love for rpg’s as me. That was a good time and sometimes I regret it’s a past now. There I become familiar with the tabletop games like Warhammer FB and Warhammer 40k. The idea of a strategic battles in a very much all genre was a big deal.

With a new edition Battlefront sended an update to previous rules.

The tabletop games had one big flaw to me. It was a little pricey. And because of that I didn’t bought an army and never was a full member of the “wargaming society”. But the idea never died and I was always interested in news from developers.

I was more a skirmish fan than a big battle scene (a few gang members or bunch of heroes is still better in my mind) so I was more likely to be interested in Infinity or Malifaux then in wh40k (I like the universum of wh40k more 😮).

But three years ago I found a 15mm tabletop game called “Flames of War”. I bought a starter which included a two army sets and wasn’t as pricey as other games starters.

Painting 15mm isn’t an easy thing. I needed to be creative.

Since then I have a few game sessions played (not as many sessions as I would like to) and bought some new models. I found oud that I enjoy painting and modeling basing my miniatures. And I try to get more organized to have more time to play.

After painting the whole tank – it’s time to paint details!

I find historical wargaming very good for me. Even if I don’t play as much as I would like to I can relax while modeling and painting. I get to know history better (funny thing for a history teacher) and learn to thing about strategy.

I also need to play some real skirmish. Need to!

What’s your hobby?


2 thoughts on “My tabletop hobby.

    1. Thank You! I surely will check out your posts. I’m not sure about how my hobby affects my teaching but surely it enriched my knowledge 🙂
      Best Regards,


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