Colors of sadness.

Only time heal the wounds. Or at least that’s what people say. They’re right, right? Dunno.

Old writing on an old bridge at Tczew.

I don’t like emptiness that’s down in my soul. And I don’t like that damn sadness that is a new part of me. I have many new things in my. New philosophy.

Looking for myself again. Searching for a lost soul. Searching for a reason. Making a step. Or mamy little steps. Step by step. Little by little.

Like Samurai Jack I’ve climbed my own mountain and I took a long look down at my past life. Now I have more mountains to climb at.” 

So what is The MojoIt is a set of your own attitude and confidence. It is a spirit that you hold inside. It is your positive energy for living your life.

Sad but true. 

Anyway. Life goes on

See you at the life-mountain trail😊

When bridges are prison.

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