The finish line is where you draw it. Isn’t that obvious? No. It isn’t. Life is a pocket full of things that doesn’t seems to fit together. Present just passed and the last breath was the first of the new day. Past, present and future mix in just a blink of an eye.

Don’t look like you don’t care.

I want to shave my head bald. I want to crumble to stand back again. 
I remember my fears and how they slowly passed away. I remember the freezing mornings and my hands almost frozen, my knife breaking while doing a fire preparations and how I almost drowned.” 

Fear. Fear of the past. Of present. Of future. Fear is a part of our life. 

Fear isn’t my name.

Walk with me this way. Open your soul and have a little faith in yourself. Have a little faith in world. Embrace it.


There are no perfect people because there is no perfect world. Just try to be less wicked. Or no. World isn’t ours. But our life is.


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