Blurry visions of my future.

Funny thing. At my age (37) almost all of my friends are wives/husbands and mothers/fathers. As silly as it may sound I never thought about myself as a man ready to become one of them. Wanderer, Peter Pan, always young at heart and mind. And when I finally learnt that I am ready and I want to… I have become a resident of a Café of Broken Dreams.

Heat over the World War II museum at Gdansk.

So I can say that life is a tricky bastard and it hit me when I wasn’t prepared for it. But it’s always like that. No matter what happend it always grabs you by surprise and tries to knock you down

Green part of black and white.

“Sometimes we made a choice that may cause a hurricane. Like a butterfly effect or similar. We don’t need to want those things to happen but they are consequences of our actions and as so we are responsible.”

Beautiful sky at my City.
So life is a funny and tricky bastard. But guess what. Me too. I’m still at the road to my personal Shangri-La. I’m still climbing at my personal Mountain of Fate. I may be a Peter Pan but not with a Peter Pan syndrome anymore. I’ve learnt my lesson. And I don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Life goes on and I’m on board.

The hardest thing is to learn and to accept who we are and what we want. And believe me – there is no “good time” for it. It’s never too late. I’ve been there and came back. Me, myself and I. Sorry Life. Not this time. Not. This. Time. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Tick tock, tick tock. There’s a Captain Hook. Tick tock, tick tock. There’s me and he is not. Tick tock, tick tock. Peter Pan is on the clock. Tick tock, tick tock. No more lies in his old note.


7 thoughts on “Café of Broken Dreams.

  1. alternatywa do zbierania i składania okruch jest ….zakopać te cząsteczki i zacząć budować życie na nowym fundamencie…
    tiaa trzeba iść dalej…do przodu…jeśli się potkniesz albo zwątpisz to zadzwoń 😉


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