Some things make your life crumble. There are events that cannot be predicted, but in the end – no matter how much they broke you – can be your new beginning. Or at least you should treat it like that. With every tear drop and heartbreak comes a clean breath. What better time to start your new life then on the ashes of an old one? 

Rain is like tears.

Take crumbles of your life and build a new one. Find yourself in your past mistakes and create your future. Even if you don’t understand you need to accept that someone simply just can’t be a part of your life anymore. If you love (truly and deeply love) then… there is no other way. Let go. Let them be happy even if it means that you will suffer for some time. In the name of love.

Even common view can be beautiful.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and… let go all the negative feelings. Be a friend to whom you loved and love because there is no other way than through love.

Sunset can be sunrise at the same time.

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