Even at night cityscape is more then beautiful.

There is a thin line between future and the past called present. I take a step forward and everything present is a past. I try to capture the past of my existance in photos I take.

City of black and white is always written in color first.

History of human race was written in blood and tears of ordinary people – I try to write mine with words and photographs. Nothing epic, nothing special. Just a simple still of life.

Holding a breath to hold a moment.

I’m an optimist, a little dreamer and a little realistic. I try to negate the mainflow of schemed life. I’m a history and civics teacher. I live in the beautiful city Gdańsk in Poland.

This blog is about The City and citylife (my life especially) captured by me with a photography. I also will write down some of my personal opinions about many everyday things.

Let me welcome you in my world. Please enjoy the ride!

The mark of people – traces of us all.