Mr. Lin and me

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even bad things in our life - no matter how accidentally it happens - have purpose. Our mistakes can slap us in the face. My mistakes did. And they knocked me down. My life broke into thousand pieces. Judge started to count down but I'm slowly trying to…

Cityscapes vol. 23

I am. I try to make my life normal again and even that I still have a lot of issues I slowly recover from dust. Every single day. Step after step. Blink after blink. Here we are standing at the edge of life. Don't look down. Just don't look down.

The green tea of Mr Lin.

Sometimes it all starts with a whisper. A quiet scent of sentence that gently flows into air and then mix with a milion breaths. And sometimes it all starts without any particular reason. It just happens. Like the smile on a face. With a breeze. With nothing. Having that said I must admit that I…


​"My memory loves you… it asks about you all the time" "Sometimes it is the smallest thing that saves us: the weather growing cold, a child's smile, and a cup of excellent coffee" "You can always take back the lost parts of yourself if you can find and recognize them" All the texts are the…

Cityscapes vol. 21

Sometimes colors means blues. We got everything we could. All we needed was near. But it was too far. Misplaced. Broken. We got all the heartbeats we could. And we silenced them. City screams my name.

Cityscapes vol. 19

You turn your back, you're a broken man You come around and just dying to shake your hand I don't expect you to understand Just keep telling yourself there's no shame PS Text is the lyrics from Kaleo "Hot Blood".